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Nurhidayat Mohammad Ishak, S.IP. (IGOV Batch 2012)

Being part of IGOV is one of the greatest achievements of my life. A lot of valuable experience and personality building I got at IGOV, ranging from academic and non-academic activities. The lecture environment at IGOV is built based on harmony and respect, I am very proud of IGOV. Thank you IGOV.

  • Student Exchange Program at Unversiti Sains Malaysia (Fall 2014)
  • Master Student at MGAA UMY


Agustiyara, S.IP. (IGOV Batch 2012)

Being grateful with The International Program of Government Affairs and Administration¬†(IGOV) guides me into the perfect balance of in-depth academic theory and practice truly advances the understanding. It also challenges me to grow and compete within global atmosphere that I hadn’t ever imagined. The knowledge and relationships through this program brought me to get a master degree program at overseas, and adapt the new environments with different cultural backgrounds.

  • Student Exchange Program at Universiti Sains Malaysia (Fall 2014)
  • Master Student at Khon Kaen University
  • Managing Editor of the Journal of Asian Review of Public Affairs and Policy (ARPAP) at Khon Kaen Univesity


Galih Dwi Rizqi Jailani, S.IP. (IGOV Batch 2013)

It’s such an honor to say that I’m gratefully accepted in IGOV UMY since 2013. I couldn’t speak English previously, but now I proudly said that I have completed my undergraduate degree with a lot of new knowledge and experience. The relation between IGOV and student is excellent, which gave us an opportunity to study overseas, provides good facility and also IGOV has several remarkable academics from overseas. In IGOV, skill is developed, confidence is built, dream is realized, and great unpredictable things are happened.

  • Student Exchange Program at Khon Kaen University (Spring 2015)
  • Presenter at The 12th International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences 2016 (IC-HUSO 2016), Khon Kaen University


Alim Bubu Swarga, S.IP. (IGOV Batch 2013)

With IGOV, I never expected that I will travel around the world with education purposes. From these experiences, I can use it for my career as researcher or lecturer in the future. No doubt, IGOV is really excellent program for those who want to study in Governmental studies. Massive thank you for IGOV which gave me this Achievement.

  • Presenter at The sixth ICONPO on Public Organization: Information, Open Government, Democratic Government and Public Administration.
  • Presenter at The 12th International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences 2016 (IC-HUSO 2016), Khon Kaen University.
  • Presenter at The International Conference Green and Politic on Interdisciplinary Research and Development, Maejo University