Tuesday, January 3rd 2016. International Program of Governmental Studies (IGOV) sent its students and lecturers (13 students and 2 lecturers) to Manila, Philippine. They will join English Course (short course) in Rijal Technological University for a month. In this program the students will join an intensive English class with expectation that their English ability will improve after the program end. This program also important for  IGOV students because of the program can be a way for international students to get experiences in overseas countries either for making network with global students or for studying culture in the country where they will study.

In addition, the Director encouraged the students to be active during their study, “Be Active,Be Punctual, Avoid Plagiarism, Follow the Rule and Keep in Touch”, is the things that need to be emphasized regarding to the director of IGOV.

The following students name below were selected for student exchange program in Rijal Technological University;

No Name
1 Rijal Ramdani, S.IP., MPA               (Lecturer)
2 Dewi Sekar Kencono, S.IP.,M.Si      (Lecturer)
3 Selvy Azimasyuriona
4 Wildan Maulana A
5 Liya Anggraeni
6 Ditya Pratama S
7 Retno Anggraeni P
8 Pratama Indra S W
9 Azhari BK
10 Lirandifa Putri Suratna
11 Nuri Triwiyono
12 Wawan Eka P
13 Bagas Panuntun R
14 Afif Iko Z
15 Dyas Amartha Tsany