Regarding to the International Seminar, we proudly invite the student, International student to participate in the International Seminar by sending a paper to us regarding the topics either theoretically or practically. The International seminar proposes on social and politics themes. All accepted full papers will be published in proceeding an ISBN book. The proceeding will be distributed to the presenters during the International Seminar.

Abstract Submission

  • Demonstrate a clear research field and highlight the core subject of the paper
  • Have a background, problem/s and objectives of the paper
  • Be a minimum of 300 words and no more than 350 words, including the title of the paper and keywords
  • Mention author’s name, institution, affiliation, and email address
  • Paper must be written in English

Full Paper Submission

  • 5.000-7.000 words (including tables, graphs, footnotes and references), written in English. For the citation format, please follow the APA style of referencing.
  • Full paper submission include (Abstract, Background, Theoritical Framework, Research Methods, Result and Analysis, Conclusion and References.
  • Paper can be written in person or group of max. 3 persons. Both abstract and full paper can be submitted to


Download Paper Scheme:

International Seminar