In Indonesia, there are three main pillars the Universities across the country refer as their main duty. It is called Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi or Three Duties of Higher Education Institution. The first is Education, the second is Research and Development, and the third is Community Service.

In accordance with the Three Duties, on April 3rd, 2017, IGOV UMY in collaboration with Universiti Utara Malaysia has organized a community service in the rural area, Ngentak Village. This village located at the hillside of Merapi Mount, the northern part of Yogyakarta.

This event was initiated by UUM Students as their community service and strengthening the relation between Malaysia and Indonesia Society. The Lecturer,  Mohammad Syahril Bin Said, stated “we are very pleased to come here to see the life of local people. Especially, the beautiful environment where people stays in harmony.”

The Village of Ngentak is one of the biggest Salak Farms in Yogyakarta. It is mostly managed by Muhammadiyah Community Branch. Reasons that make this place is suitable for Salak Farm is the suitable condition of climate and the volcanic ground.

During the arrival to a traditional meeting hall owned by the community, the farmers offered the students their crops freshly harvested from their farm. There are three kind of Salaks were offered, Salak Madu, Salak Gading, and the Main Commodity, Salak Pondoh.

Besides of Salak Farm, there are fish ponds where people breed Goldfishes and Tilapias. This is one of the strategies to sustain people’s income if the Salak price is in fluctuation.

As the final part of community service, the students come to a mosque which is still under construction, to clean up the usable part from  of the mosque from dirt and debris of construction. (AMIR)