April, 19th 2017, Governmental Studies students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta did an event which was about “Studi Lapangan dan Bersih Bumi”. This event was joined by around 300 students, including the overseas students from Thailand and three lecturers. It was held in Gunung Kidul.

This event is to remind students to keep saving our Earth. Moreover, this event is to celebrate the ‘Earth Day’. Also, it is to introduce students to the society and culture, especially Gunung Kidul. In addition, this event held by the lecturers is to implement what the students have learned in Governmental Ecology class. From this event, the students are expected to recognize what policies done by the government of Gunung Kidul in maintaining their environments on sustainable way.

The students were divided in three groups, because there were three places visited; Dinas Lingkungan Hidup, Dinas Pariwisata, and Hutan Kemasyarakatan (HKM). In those places, the students discussed ecotourism and got lecturing from the institution staff.

Furthermore, they also observed the tourism spots in Gunung Kidul which gave profits to the citizens. After that, the students visited Krakal beach to clean up the beach from the rubbish. The students collected the rubbish and gave the dustbin as the donation. By doing the activity, the students are asked to save the surroundings and are taught to keep our environment. (Milla)