I am Adella, as a part of student exchange at the College of Social Science of NCKU was so amazing experienced and the most rewarding that I ever did. It is such a grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow in a very different culture and environment than in Indonesia. In NCKU not only lots of knowledge but also new friends both International and Locals and of course I got very amazing experiences during my study at the College of Social Sciences of NCKU, Taiwan.

As long as I learn in College of Social Sciences of NCKU, the only one difficulty that I ever had was courses in under-graduated of College Social Sciences has limited English Taught and by the time I enrolled, and I could not understand Chinese language because I never learn the Chinese language before. In the beginning, I thought it would be so hard to take some courses that taught in Chinese, but unfortunately, The professors and also classmates were so kind and willing to help us when we needed them and getting lost in class. Furthermore, NCKU’s education system allowed the students to take any elective courses from any department that students were interested in. Besides, all of the professors in NCKU are very professional in their field and have so many experiences that made motivated me to further develop myself academically.
As an exchange student, I can prove to myself that I could survive and cope with different environment and cultures there. It is a very significant opportunity to live and learns something brand new to make more friendships. There is a lot of places to see and experience in a historical city, and you might not even want to leave. Taiwan is full of amazing memories, the warmth of people have shown me were something I will not forget. Tainan city also has the best foods with all the traditional foods they ever had. I can not imagine a better experience than the one that College of Social Science of NCKU Taiwan.
At I thankful for everyone who has made my exchange time at NCKU was so memorable, to all my classmates, my Dormitory friends, all of my professors, and the last is the very kind and helpful College of Social Science NCKU’s staff. It is decidedly the best thing that I ever did. (爱戴拉/ AD)