Announcement of Exchange Candidates 2018/2019

February 8, 2018 by : superadmin-ig

Regarding the interview result, we would like to announce the IGOV Students who have filled out the requirements of Exchange Program 2018/2019. However, this is not the final result based on University cooperation and agreement.

Note; For those who have not pass the TOEFL score 500, it is compulsory to join the TOEFL test that will be arranged by IRO. In terms of the test schedule, you can contact directly to IRO office and submit the latest score to IGOV and IRO office.


Name Student Number

Interview Result

1. Masyitha Podomi 20160520075 ASIA UNIVERSITY
2. Indi Rahmadiani 20160520239 University Sains Malaysia
3. Kholifa Anita Putri 20160520015 University Sains Malaysia
4. Yanastya Dinda Ramadhani 20160520057 SIAS UNIVERSITY
5. Arini Hidayah Arifin 20160520263 Khon Kaen University
6. Intan Asri Puspitaningtyas 20160520247 (Waiting List)
7. Aprilia Iswardhani 20160520265 Universitas Utara Malaysia
8. Galang Sandy Akbar 20160520089 ASIA UNIVERSITY
9. Afiyatika Mufidati 20160520257 SUN MOON UNIVERSITY
10. Fakhri Naufal Azhar 20160520280 Khon Kaen University
11. Adella Tiara Saresti 20160520261 National Cheng Kung University
12. Dion Satriya Adjie 20160520004 ASIA UNIVERSITY
13. Agung Saputro 20160520243 Khon Kaen University
14. Muhammad Fahrizal Zubair 20160520252 Khon Kaen University
15. Akhlaqnatemi Hayuningtias 20160520182 Khon Kaen University