‘Bahasa Indonesia’ class for International Students

October 13, 2017 by : superadmin-ig

Yogyakarta, October 12th 2017- International students who have arrived in Indonesia for months began the first Bahasa Indonesia class showing their high interest to the new exposure. Language becoming the significant role for students in living abroad or doing study in different countries as their usual mother tongue. Communicate to locals in vary of activities including shopping becoming difficult if international students have not exposed to Indonesian language which becoming the major reason for studying Bahasa Indonesia. IGOV as the associate partners for ‘where there be dragons’ for years facilitate students by providing the formal class to nurture their knowledge mainly in communicating with Bahasa Indonesia as well as enrich knowledge about Indonesia generally. The whole in-class activities have regulated in syllabus to advance their knowledge which majorly motivates students to get used to Bahasa Indonesia by direct practicing. Bahasa Indonesia class began with the very basic usage of interacting like greetings and introducing their self which some of students already get used to it that makes the first class mainly used Bahasa.

Bahasa Indonesia class joined by students from United States particularly Princeton University students who takes gap year for their education stage, Thailand (Thammasat University) and China (Sias Internasional University). Furthermore, formal in-class activity felt incomplete if the students are not exposed by interacting with people, in this case IGOV selected 7 (buddies) as their friends to communicate continuously to exceed their full potential framework of using Bahasa Indonesia. It is also becoming the golden opportunity for IGOV students to improve their speaking in English as they have native speakers as buddies which is totally important in their future prospect whether studying in IGOV (English-taught class) and exchange program.