Aside from providing consultations for the prospective students, Carly has also enjoyed in exploring Yogyakarta and the surrounding Cities during her spare time. She was impressed on how Indonesia has managed to preserve the historical site exceptionally.

One of the example is the Borobudur. “The view surrounding the temple is outstanding” she expressed. The Government has managed the site to be skyscrapers free within certain limit so there will be no noise or unpleasant view other than the nature and the temple itself. She also learned that the British Government had excavated and restored the site back in the colonial era.

At the first day of her exploration, she had an opportunity in exploring the Merapi Mountain. She learned about the eruption, and how the people managed to live side by side with one of the most active volcano which can threaten their life at anytime.

However, as harmful as it looks, the Merapi Mountain offers many amazing places for tourists, such as the Kali Kuning river. “I feel really calm and refreshed. I’m really glad to be here, it looks like British country side” she mentioned. The clarity of Kali Kuning river, the nature, and the refreshing winds had remind her of her own country.

The exploration of Yogyakarta was not ended yet. The second day, she managed to go to Umbul Ponggok, A Pond that was meant to build for water preservation to the village but currently become a tourist attraction.

“It is wonderful when you could swim with fishes, I just found a fish similar to what I found at the Australia” She implied. Back in Britain she said, we could not find a place like this because the lakes or ponds are either dangerous or no swim area.

At the pond, she was surprised that she found many belongings put under water, such Motorbike and Bicycle. She would never imagine to see something random while swimming.

As a final destination of the visit, she visited the sultanate complex including the water castle. The historical sites of Local Kingdom has an impressive cultural environment. This environment triggered her curiosity to explore Yogyakarta even further despite her limited time. “I’m always up for taking some holiday in Jogja, it’s beautiful!” she said.