Kedah, Malaysia (27/03/2018) International Program of Government Affairs and Administration (IGOV) Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta joined an International Seminar on Development Studies (ISDES) 0n March 24-28, 2018 that held by Universiti Utara Malaysia. This event aims to develop the knowledge in political sciences with the experts and students from bachelor degree and master. As well as to strengthen the cooperation between UMY and UUM as general. There are several topics that were discussed in the forum such as Urban development and planning, Land, housing & property, local government, community development & politics, and environment & sustainable development.

IGOV itself was sent 2 students representatives; Tomy Waskitho Nur Rochman & Lirandifa Putri Suratna, 5 students from Master Program of Governmental Studies; Akhmad Habibullah, Nurhidayat Mohammad Ishak, Ismail Angkat, Murniyati Yanur, and Denda Devi Sarah Mandini, 4 lecturers; Dr.phil. Ridho Al-Hamdi (a Director of IGOV), Dr. Muchamad Zaenuri (a Director of Governmental Studies), Dr. Erni Zuhriyati (a Secretary of Master program of Governmental Studies) and  Dr.Suswanta (a lecture of IGOV)  as well as a staff of IGOV Milla Farrihatul Ahna.

In addition, the event is not only academic exposure but also a natural exposure since UUM is located in a very green and peaceful university in Malaysia. The committees had arranged the schedule for exploring the natural beauty of Universiti Utara Malaysia, such as the visitation to the jungle, outbound, and other natural activities.

“It is such a good idea to establish this kind of event in order to develop and strengthen our cooperation. We have been working together in Exchange Program since 2016, and this event just makes us stronger. Hopefully, we can improve our performances for a better education for Indonesia and Malaysia as a whole”, said Director of IGOV Dr.phil. Ridho Al-Hamdi.