bu-titin_terpilih_KajurReported by: Rijal Ramdani

Yogyakarta (13th of Agust)—in the annual meeting of Governmental Studies, Dr. Titin Purwaningsih was elected as new chairwoman of the department. In that election there were also 3 other candidates who were Rahmawati Husein, Ph.D, Dr. Inu Kencana Syafi’i, and Bambang Eka, M.Si but the majority of lecturers agreed to decide Dr. Titin Purwaningsih as a new leader of them. In her speech after the election, she said that there are many strategies and long term planning that must be run by all stakeholders to make Governmental Studies Department more globally and became the leading School in this field in Indonesia. “There were many achievements taken in previous and recent time by us but in the future we need to work harder and harder to expand our influence and network not only in ASEAN but also in Asia Pacific region,” she closed her speech by that statement.

Besides, it were also annual reports presented by the previous chairman of governmental studies-Dr. Suranto; the director of JK School of Government-Dr. Ahmad Nurmandi; the director of International governmental studies (IGOV)-Eko Priyo Purnomo, Ph.D and the director of master’s degree program of government and administration affair-Dr. Dyah Mutiarin.

Dr. Suranto elaborated many excellent targets that could be achieved in his period. One of the amazing things that today all of lecturers in the department mostly holds a Ph.D “Alhamdulillah, from 24 lecturers, nineteen of them are either doctors or doctor’s candidates while others are preparing to take their Ph.D program like Davif Effendi who is willing to continue his study in USA,” he talked to all of audiences.

On the other hand, Dr. Ahmad Nurmandi and Dr. Dyah Mutiarin presented a new planning of long distance study for Master’s Degree Program that will be conducted both in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. This program is going to be a special class for Journalists of news media funded by the vice president of Indonesia; Mr. Jusuf Kalla. They also added that beside that program, the officials of post graduate always encourage the students of Master’s Degree to go to some overseas countries in ASEAN region to join call papers or conferences to publish their research in the international levels with fund rising from JK School of government.

Finally, there was an increasing figure that presented by the director of IGOV, Eko Priyo Purnomo, Ph.D, because in his period, IGOV could make new agreement by MOU with some universities in Thailand, Philippine and Malaysia. “Before I became the director, based on IGOV’s baseline, there was only one university of our partner in exchange program; however now we have more than five partner’s universities which are Khon Khaen University, Thammasat University, Maejo University, University of Science Malaysia, and University of De la Salle in the Philippines. Moreover, insyallah, on Friday this, there will be a great meeting to make some agreements with International Islamic University of Malaysia,” Eko said.