Friday (16)& Saturday (17) December 2016. International Program of Governmental Studies (IGOV) collaborated with Governmental Studies Laboratory (Lab.IP) held Business Coaching and Training at  Graduated Building, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. This event which was held for two (2) days, invited Nanang Syaifurrozi the CEO of Rumah Warna as a Coach and Trainers for all student whose participates. In his you age, Nanang Syaifurrozi alredy became a successful entrepreneur. By producing products that were made by sewing, such as purses, bags, mobile phone bags, and bed covers with colourfull concept Rumah Warna able to gain no less than Rp 1 billion/month.

      This training is very important, as new curriculum that makes Entrepreneurship as one of the subjects that need to be followed by students of the governmental studies. Through this event the students are expected to create their own business. By giving an idea or breakthroughs that can increase a company’s profit and also gives an idea to the students to further explore the idea and turn it into something great. Nanang persuade the students to think more innovative. By instilling Islamic values in running the business. Nanang implement give and take principled. The profits that he gain are always set aside to be given to those less fortunate. “Always give first and receive in any case,” said Nanang. Nanang also mentioned that sincerity and patience is the key to success “Allah will always give something with the form of package, the package is wrapped by temptation. Being cheated, a big loss and etc are the temptation in business world, but the key is sincerity and patience because if we are sincere and patient Allah will give a greater gift”. In the end of this event, around 15 students of IGOV will do an internship program fro the next 2 weeks in Rumah Warna.

-Lubna Salsabila