Yogyakarta, November 16th 2017 – Majelis Lingkungan Hidup (MLH) of Muhammadiyah Central Board in cooperation with International Program of Government Affairs and Administration (IGOV) of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (UMY) held a public discussion with the topic of Refleksi Akhir Tahun dan Pernyataan Sikap terkait Kondisi Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia on Thursday (14/12). The conducted event is an annual event, which aims to discuss the disaster and provide solutions as an effort to solve environmental problems faced by Indonesia.

This discussion presented five speakers namely Prof. Dr. Muhjidin Mawardi (Chairman of MLH PP Muhammadiyah), Prof. Dr. Bakti Setiawan (MLH PP Muhammadiyah), Prof. Dr. Sunjoto (Lecturer of Engineering Faculty at UGM), and Dr. Tasdiyanto Rohadi (Ministry of Environment and Forestry RI).

Prof. Dr. Muhjidin as Chairman of MLH PP Muhammadiyah said that the current disaster should be a special attention, either from the government or the elements of society. Given the recent natural disasters in Indonesia has occurred in some areas and claimed many lives and destroy many infrastructures.

At present, the environmental aspect should be the concern of government and the community. Because if we are fair to the environment, it will minimize the occurrence of the disaster. “Not only the actions of someone who can damage the nature but the actions of the group of people will also lead to the occurrence of natural damage,” he said in the event held at UMY.

Muhjidin also added that all parties should be involved in helping the government. One of them is by taking attitude and statement from Muhammadiyah related to current environmental condition. This is done as an effort in providing solutions as a consideration in government decision making.

An environmental disaster that also threatens the life of the nation is the occurrence of water crises in the form of floods and droughts, which is a direct result of deforestation and land degradation and triggered by climate change. The water crisis that has happened lately has reached a serious and emergency stage.

“Therefore, the government and all of its staff must be brave to state that the current water crisis in Indonesia is a serious problem and has been in an emergency condition, thus requiring emergency rescue action as well,” he said.