Yogyakarta, september 12th, 2017- Exchange program has been a routine event for International Program of Government Affairs and Public Administration (IGOV) student to do their mobility and academic activity in different atmosphere. Young and global slogan by UMY has major influence to motivate students by expanding their understanding through this program and further held by IGOV department to nurture the future leaders in its department. Ggoing abroad and gaining more knowledge from other countries is a need for student career prospect in the future. The ultimate purpose is to learn more about international government, language and culture in the different environment. As a social-being, it is important to open networking with other scholars to share different ideas and perspectives in global issues.

Recently, IGOV has sent 2 representatives to study in Taiwan (National Chen Kung University) and Korea (Sun Mon University). The scholars who heading to National Chen Kung University is Tomy Waskitho which currently in 3rd year of study in the department. The exchange mobility to National Chen Kung University is the first time for IGOV after signing the MoA while previously already done many cooperation form such as conference. It is the stimulant for students in the department to deal with the different aspect of politics especially Taiwanese politics and administration. Before tomy, Astrid (batch 2015) has arrived in the University, living for two weeks and deal with the new academic environment while build up the new ultimate experience. Astrid counted as the 4th students from IGOV who study in Sun Mon University after Sandra (batch 2013), Elfira (batch 2014) and Visha (batch 2015) who has vary of experiences. The students departure previously simbolized by the department in form of token given which sign that the students bring the responsibility to boast the home University, state and IGOV where they study.