Fathul Ridho, a fourth-year student of International Program of Government Affairs and Administration (IGOV) already finished his student exchange program at SIAS University, China. As an international student from overseas, he attended the School of International Cultural Exchange (SICE) for spring semester when started on 26th of February last year.

During the program, the Chinese language was a required subject which international student had to take in the class. Moreover, the additional subject taken was 2 credits lesson of business and economy. The end of course result was counted from 70% of the final examination. On the other hands, the unique things which Fathul could find outside of the class were celebrated Chinese cultural festivals such as dragon boat festival, sports day, sweeping day, and homecoming day at the end of the semester. At the end of the semester, the university holds a graduation for foreign students who have completed the exchange program. The University gives a kind of award and also a certificate to the international students.

“I presume, the obstacles I faced in China were daily language usage, cultures, foods, as well as weather. However, I praised to Allah because of Him I could handle all of those together with other exchange students who took a short course program in China.”