Accurately reported by Fitra and Maheva (2017) the considerable deliberation of IGSC was held in common by three days.

It starts on Sunday (23/09/2018) at 12.00 until 14.30. There, the students received the monstrous evaluation from every department in IGSC. The first day efficiently managed to invite over 20 students. Following the second day, Monday (24/09/2018) it criticizes the charter bylaw. The significant change that established was about the word conversion like steward to the member. It has brought around 36 enthusiastic IGOV students between batch 2015 and 2018. The day second endures an official start at 15.00 and properly finished at 19.00. Since the prior day, Tuesday (25/09/2018) has been started to elect.

The election manages “deliberative system” and afterwards “first-past-the-post” (FPTP). Over 40 students from batch 2015 to 2018 came willingly to the organizational meeting.
The democratic election began at 16.30 by forwarding 10 students from batch 2017.

The potential nominee was Muhammad Rizki Ramadhan, Maheva Azhar Nabila, Bhakti laksono, Wildan Okto, Yollanda Arsyanti, Muhammad Riski Akbar, Ariandes Ilhamsyah, Said Firman, Fairuz Artha Abhi Praya, and Angga Misbahudin.

At 20.30 the two least prospective students are Bhakti and Firman was democratically elected as the Chief and Vice of IGSC.

“I’m glad that the direct election held peacefully, however, the active participant was not much. The home-bound seniors who came merely from the batch 2015,” said gently Fitra. (AD)