IGOV Alumni Gathering

January 2, 2018 by : superadmin-ig

Yogyakarta, December 29, 2017- Took place at Bumbu Desa Restaurant, IGOV invites IGOV’s Alumni in arranged gathering and Dinner. The event attended by IGOV’s Alumni from batch 2012 to 2014 who are currently spread to vary of work field and college worldwide. According to Alumni tracking data by IGOV, IGOV Alumni which total 36 occupied mostly prestigious job position in National and International workplace as well as continuing study in prominent colleges for example Perwira Sultan Kelana (2010) who is working in NGO’s PKPU Human Initiatives, Miftahul Jannah (2010) working in Garuda Indonesia, and Fateema Mahama (2011) in Republic Indonesia Embassy in Thailand. In listed alumni as well, Agustyara (2012), Tentyana (2010), and Abdullah bin Zed (2011) studying for Master degree in Khon Kaen University (Thailand), Thammasat University (Thailand), and Science Po (France). It is proved that IGOV Alumni has a high intensity to continue their career and study without taking any further gap year after graduated from IGOV.

The event enlightened the importance of strengthening the bond between IGOV Alumni and IGOV to create the future prospect. It invited Eko Priyo Purnomo, M.Res, Ph.D. as the previous IGOV director and currently occupy the head of cooperation and International affairs (IRO). Mr. Eko brought brief pre-dinner speech, cheering alumni and sharing information about scholarship majorly to go abroad.

“Happiness is not about how much is your salary, as long as you are happy and enjoys with yourself then go ahead” Mr. Eko cheered the Alumni.

The arranged gathering applauds the attended Alumni to have this kind of reunion regularly tightening their relationship.