IGOV English Club with Alex Krauel

November 22, 2018 by : superadmin-ig

IGOV english club is one of activities that hoped to increase igov’s students ability in communicating with english. The club is led by Alex Krauel, one of princeton university students. There are some activities in this club; warm discussion, games, and subject discussion. The club will be happen twice a week on Monday and Thursday at 2.30 pm. First day, they had the warm introduction, continue to the second day, thgey had games called Blurt!. Blurt is the uproarious world race game. Blurt is game that actually should be played by 7+ age and can be played for 3-12 peoples.

Here are some photos

There are some interested discussion in this session. “I dont like word “teaching” for me its better to have discussion session,” Said Alex. “If teach, means I need to prepare more about the materials, but if it comes to the discussion, I can do conversation,” Alex Added.