IGOV Family Gathering part 2

February 16, 2019 by : superadmin-ig

Continuing the previous agenda on Saturday, today (Sunday, 10/2) the schedule still ongoing. The first agenda starts at 8.30 am by having the study abroad experiences in Germany. This part is presented by IGOV director, Dr. phil. Ridho Al-Hamdi, MA. He shares his experiences while completing his doctoral programs in TU Dortmund, Germany. He also said that he got the Dikti Scholarship by having the recommendation from Muhammdiyah institution. He also did a marvelous thing by finishing his program only in 3 years and 5 months. After hearing his experiences, it comes to the games on counting again.

The next is the continuation of student exchange experiences sharing part 2 from Asia University, National Cheng Kung University, Sias University, and Sun Moon University. Here there are some questions regarding the living cost and the academic teaching system in East Asia. Some of the students were curious about the way of finding halal food and Mosque. “I feel so hard to find Mosque to do Jumuah Pray,” said Tomy. “But, somehow I can manage to get in the mosque on time,” Tomy added. In another side, Adel also finds difficulties in finding the halal restaurant. “But as long we read Basmallah, I do feel it’s okay to eat anything,” Adel said. The question and answer session were run well by 6 asked.

Afterward, the Alumni gathering was held, one of the alumni who came is Adibah Dhivani Gusmi, S.IP (batch 2013) she was graduated in 2017 and got cum laude as well. She is working at the IGOV office nowadays. She taught the participant that she got many things from IGOV. “ I got many things here, I able to travel around, I able to join the student exchange programs, and joined the conferences as well, “ said Adibah. “Besides, the lecturers also help me in issuing recommendation letters that I need to have it for master programs,” added Adibah. She is so grateful for becoming a member of IGOVers since she also one of the IGSC founding. “Before we don’t have any community that helps us to improve our capacity, so one of IGOVers 2012, he asked us (batch 2013) to help him in issuing the IGSC,” Adibah said. She also shares her experiences while she had the class at E building and the difficulties of having smaller classes compared to now.

Finally, it’s come to the closing session, Dr. phil. Ridho Al Hamdi as the director asked the participants to read the Al-Ikhlas surah to learn and understand more about the meaning of Ikhlas itself. And it comes to the last gift token session that is winning by Raihan (batch 2018) for the first game, Yusuf (batch 2016) for the second game, and Nahdatul (batch 2018) as the most attractive participants in this event. At 2.30 pm the participant went to back home and have a peaceful rest. (AD)