M. Faris Al-Fadhat, Ph.D starts the class with the interactive introduction

The matriculation program still ongoing. After finished the first matriculation by the theme “English for Study” (05/09/18), on Thursday, 6th of September 2018, Igov held the #2 matriculation focused on the importance of reading.

The matriculation was delivered by Muhammad Faris Al-Fadhat, Ph.D. He is International Relations Department Lecturer and the Chief of Board of Student and Amuni Development UMY. He was graduated from University of Murdoch, Perth, Australia. “The main point of reading is the habituation,” said Faris. “We can start reading everything, begin to read comics, novels or only kiddy books” Faris added. Faris told his experiences and challenges in reading English literature, moreover when he was studying in Perth.

M. Faris Al-Fadhat, Ph.D as the most favorable book for new students

Faris suggests tips to encourage the student in reading English literature. First, find the reason to read, second, discover the benefit after finished reading. Two tips above can be the instalment to read. “is it ok to read the English literature only up to 10 pages, because its normal” said Faris. “The newbie reader will do the same” Faris added. The other way to persuade students to read is by starting to read English newspaper or other resources, just for making it habituation without understanding the meaning. (AD)