IGOV Matriculation Program #1  “ English for Study”

September 6, 2018 by : superadmin-ig

Rahmawati Husein, MCP, P.hD as the speaker start the class with introduction

continuing the former agenda (04/09/18), the first matriculation program was disscuss about the important of English language for study. The matriculation was delivering by Rahmawati Husein, MCP, Ph.D. She is one of IGOV lecturers, vice-president of Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Centre (MDMC), and part of Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management (BNPN).

“There are 7 ways to succeed; be Punctual, Curiousity, Responsibility, Passion, Planning, Flexibility and Pray to God.  When student do these 7 ways, it become one of installment fo achieving success” said Rahmawati Husein, MCP, Ph.D. Furthermore, there are another way to encourage student in learning english by making notes, try to write even in one sentence a day, and try to join the supporting community.

Angga Misbahudin (2017) as one of speaker from IGOVers

“There are challenges for me, such as; language, confidence, tuition fee, adaptation, lazy, and time management” said Angga Misbahuddin (IGOV batch 2017) as the next presenter. “However, i need to survive by my secret way is by finding the role model” Angga added.

Bagas (2015) shared his experiences to learn English

As for the last presenter is Bagas (IGOV batch 2015) said that the english is international language that can connect people around the world. There are some tips to learn english easily; hangout to compatible places (Tourism area), songs, movies, and video games(especially for men). (AD)