Yogyakarta, December 15, 2017, IGOV held a seminar about “Scholarship Opportunities and Higher Education System in Taiwan”. The speaker of the seminar is an alumnus of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta; Andi Azhar., MBA., Ph.D., who already accomplished his Doctoral program at Asia University, Taiwan. He is also being a lecturer at the University where he was belonged to; Asia University.

Continuing higher education in Taiwan needs to be considered, especially for Indonesian people. Since the Taiwan government have been providing plenty scholarship opportunities for Indonesian Students. Due to the achievement that has been reached by the Indonesian Students. Moreover, The government of Taiwan (Ministry of Education) places great emphasis on quality in higher education. Several innovative programs promote Taiwan’s international academic competitiveness. As well as the high-standard living quality and better opportunity for further study in Taiwan are provided as well.

In addition, tuition at each university is more affordable than in other developed countries because of innovative government policies. International students do not have to pay high “out of country” tuition as required by many other international universities and colleges. That’s pretty much helpful for the International Students especially for those Students who are coming from developing countries.

In term of discussion, there are a lot of government scholarship opportunities in Taiwan that could be one of the considerations of Indonesian Students. From the fully funded scholarship to the partial one, from the Undergraduate Degree to the Doctoral program, as well as a scholarship for learning the Mandarin language for the foreigner. Such as MOFA Taiwan Scholarship, MOE Taiwan Scholarship, Taiwan International Graduate Student, Taiwan ICDF, and Huayu (Mandarin) Enrichment Scholarship. In addition, there is scholarship also for fellowship for Research namely MOFA Taiwan Fellowship, MOE Short Term Research Award, MOE Apec Scholarship, Research Grant for Foreign Scholars in Chinese Studies, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy’s Fellowships, and Grants from the Chiang Chingkuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange.

“When you are trying to find out the Scholarship forget about Europe, US or other because Taiwan can be the best choice for you in pursuing your higher education.” Andi Azhar., MBA., Ph.D.,