To enrich the understanding of Indonesian history and cultures, 5 Thailand (Maejo University) students, 1 USA (Princeton University) student, and 11 students of IGOV went to visit the Museum of Suharto. The museum locates at Kemusuk, Jl. Nulis – Puluhan, Srontakan, Argomulyo, Sedayu, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55752. This activity held on Saturday, January, 19th 2019. The aim of this visitation was to giving more understanding in history of Indonesia.  The leader of this activity were Adibah and Tomy as staff in IGOV.

In this visitation. Gatot, as the chief of museum HM Soeharto told the background of making this museum. This museum built by Probosutedjo (brother of Soeharto) in June, 8th 2013. The aim of building this museum is to recall the merit of Soeharto as as General and second president of Indonesia. Here, in the first gate, we written the philosophy that hold by second Indonesian President, it SA-SA-SA  means that every leader should have patient, wise and close to the God. Gatot inform the detail meaning of that philosophy toward all the students.

Moving on to the next gate, Gatot bought the students to enter the museum. They welcomed us by the lane of pictures and continue to the diorama. “the first action that Soeharto did to help Indonesia independence is to help General Sudirman as the chief of war,” said Gatot. “at that time, Sudirman was ill, but, he can manage the war strategies perfectly because of some help from Soeharto,” Gatot added. While having the good discussion regardimg this history, one of US student, Alex asked question “how is the colonization that done by the Netherland?”. ” I heard that the dutch was colonized Indonesia for more than 300 years,” Alex added. “the exact time is 350 years,” Gatot answered. The last visit is to see the old house of Soeharto that today is built as a pendhopo. At the corner of that building, there is a well that are built for over period of time. “some people believed that by washing and or drinking the water from it, can bring a lot of easier in their life, it can be easier to get a job, to get a partner” said Gatot. “however, it depends on the people, but because of you all come from the islamic university, i suggest you to take a blution only, and pray directlu to the mushola,” added Gatot. Visitation start at 10.00 am until 12.00. (AD)

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