September 12, 2018 by : superadmin-ig

One of the important requirement to join the student exchange program is by having a good TOEFL score. Monday, September 10th 2018, Held the TOEFL preparation class for IGOV student who already registers their-self to student exchange program for fall/winter semester. this program is one of IGOV facilities that aimed to increase the students understanding in English language and TOEFL score. The TOEFL preparation class is between Monday and Saturday (10th September 2018-15th September 2018)

Alvan, S.Pd as the tutor of this TOEFL preparation class

the speaker of this program is Alvan, S.Pd. He is one of lecturer in English department of UMY. “when we learn English, let us pretend to be the one who doesn’t know about English at all, so we can learn diligently”, Alvan said. Alvan starts the first class by the very beginning general English; soft introduction about “my self”. He also stated that the English grammar is complicated, so everyone should learn it from the start. Moreover when it comes to the structure part of TOEFL. “at least you know and understand about part of speech, which one is Noun, Verb, Adverb and or Adjective” Alvan said. “you need to pay more attention to putting the preparation, which one is indicate the place or time” Alvan added. (Adibah Dhivani)