International Program of Government Affairs and Administration (IGOV) sent 20 first-year students who were 12 male students and 8 females students to improve their English skill at Elfast, one of English course Pare, Kediri. They departed from Yogyakarta on Tuesday the 10th of July by train. Miss Yuni, the tutor chosen, will accompany them for the next month program. Writing skill and speaking skill are the two-point focuses which will be learned by them in the camp every day when starting from morning until evening.

“I am very proud of IGOV because IGOV always supports us, one of them is with the learning program in Pare to learn the English language. And I myself really feel happy to be able to study here because from the beginning I could not understand and I can’t speak English, I finally got a little bit of it. Because all that takes to process. The rest, we are not only taught English but we are also taught to discipline in all things as one of the keys to success for everyone.” Said Supriyadi, one of IGOV student batch 2017.