Yogyakarta, March 1st 2018 – International Program of Government Affairs and Administration (IGOV) continues to facilitate its students to pursue their education in governmental studies by providing such soft skill training which is fully accessible for the students. One of the currently highlighted events is English class by natives which presenting English-taught class by native speakers from United States of America (USA). Associating with Where there be Dragons and Princeton University, IGOV arranges the class to sharpen students’ knowledge and utilizing their full potential framework intensely in listening and speaking in English. Designed in active-discussions, fun English-education formed in games and public speaking makes the students fully attracted to its teaching-learning approaches and created a warm atmosphere in the classroom.

Furthermore, the English class by natives will continue for total eight meetings which held once in a week. The class began with the personal introduction of students and lecturers, fun gaming of Find Someone Who and a small group discussion to interact and wrap up the issues about cultures in Indonesia and America in general. Find Someone Who was the highlighted gaming on the first meeting which the students are psyched up to play because the game demanded students to interact directly with their friends in English by asking some of the questions listed in a card.

“This was our initiative in order to encourage the students in having exchange experiences for real. I want them not merely learning Indonesian culture and language but also sharing their culture and language too to the UMY Students. I am glad to find out the fact that there are a lot of UMY students who are excited about the class.” said Christine, lecture of Princeton University.


IGOV have strong a commitment to strengthening the knowledge and understanding of its students by providing such activities. (Dayat)