Starting a series of academic visits by Khon Kaen University (KKU) to the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences by holding an international seminar, presenting several speakers, namely, Assoc. Prof. Somnuek Panyasing (KKU), Bambang Eka Cahya W. M.Sc. (UMY) and Miss. Pornsan Piyanantisak (KKU). The international seminar carried the topic “Democracy Updates in Southeast Asia” the journey of democracy in the concentration of Southeast Asia. Through the perspective of Thailand and Indonesia, Bambang Wahyu N. M.Sc. (Lecturer in International Relations at UMY) as the moderator touched on the origins of the formation of democracy in the two countries. Seeing the two has different cultures, beliefs and demographics.

Located in the 1st-floor Postgraduate Director’s Meeting Room, Postgraduate Building, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. Assoc. Prof. Somnuek Panyasing (Khon Kaen University) explained some of the current conditions of democracy that have been carried out by the Thai state, political manoeuvres, political crises that occurred until the enactment of several Thai constitutions. “After the 2013-2014 political crisis occurred in Thailand, since the May 22, 2014, coup, the 2007 constitution was revoked, and Thailand has been under the control of a military organization called the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), which has taken over the national administration “, He explained.

While Bambang Eka Cahya W. M.Sc. (Government Science Lecturer at UMY) in front of 50 international seminar participants explained Indonesia’s current democratic situation, that the inevitable democratic process triggered the emergence of many political parties. Furthermore, the large number of political parties in Indonesia is quite interesting, indicating a dynamic democratic situation, on the other hand, is complicated, the emergence of coalitions between political parties that are not the same between the regions in the general election results in different friends and opponents in each region.

Present at this event Dr Titin Purwaningsih, S.IP., M.Sc. (Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences UMY), Dr. phil. Ridho Al-Hamdi (Director of the International Program of Governmental Affairs and Administration), Khon Kaen University graduate student, MIP graduate and Prince Songkla University exchange student. Coordinator of the Visit Khon Kaen University Academic Committee Dr. phil. Ridho Al-Hamdi revealed that a series of international seminars and seminar lectures continued on Monday the next day as a form of collaboration between the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UMY and Khon Kaen University in the field of Social Sciences, especially in Government and Public Administration studies.

The event continued with discussion sessions and the gift token for the speakers. In addition, as a token of appreciation to international students, Fisipol gave awards to exchange students from Prince Songkla University, Thailand who had been at IGOV UMY since last July. (IP-IGOV)