Yogyakarta, September 4th, 2017. In the first day of studying at university, new students of International Program of Governmental Affairs and Administration (IGOV) were invited by the Director of IGOV, Rijal Ramdhani, S.IP., M.A for attending a welcoming party that being organized by IGOV Students Community (IGSC), with a theme “Ready To Be an IGOVERS. This event was held at Amphitheater, 4th Floor of Pascasarjana Building.

In his speech, Mr. Rijal stressed that it is important for all of IGOV’s students to join either exchange or double degree programs. “It is no doubt that all of you should have an experience studying in abroad, you could choose Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippine and South Korea”. Moreover, next year IGOV will start sending its students for the exchange program to ASIA University, Taiwan.

For new students having a limited ability in English, Mr. Rijal motivated and encourage them to have more self-confidence and also to start using English as a medium in conversation either inside or outside the class. It is also important since the class will be delivered in English and it’s an obligation to write the assignment in English. For the following semester, 5 foreign lecturers will be involved in the learning process, they are Prof. C. Behrens (Germany), Hazel Jovita M.A  (Philipines), Enrique Barata M.A (Philipines), Chanda Pearl M.A (Philipines), and Queenie M.A (Philipines), so English a must in IGOV.

The two Thammasat University students, who also attended the event share their stories about their decision to come to Indonesia, especially to IGOV-UMY. Followed by sharing exchange experiences by the IGOV students who have been studied aboard in  Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, and South Korea. The seniors gave some tips and trick to the new students. they also encourage them to work hard and be serious while they are studying at IGOV. As Tommy said in his speech “I know it was easy for you to be this program, but it will never be that easy to finish this program. If you not being serious or just playing around, you will never anything from this program, you have to challenge your self. Otherwise, you will be the one that surrenders” (LS)