Our major, International Program for Governmental Affairs and Public Administration (IGOV), always sent its student for studying abroad. We knew this program since we were in the first semester, but at that time had no idea about the specification of the programme. As the time passed by, our seniors were coming back from their exchange programme, and the told us everything that they had been through while they were studying aboard, which is so fascinating for us. The stories that about students exchange program from our seniors made us attracted to joining this programme. Because of that, three of use decided to apply for the exchange program in Maejo University, Thailand.

      Fortunately, we passed it, even though the process was not easy. Moreover, with the process of VISA which is confusing us. We have to reapply for about three times to make it accepted. It is crucial issues that need to be the concern for the student who wants to go aboard to be a hundred percent understand all of the requirement in applying for a VISA.

      On 16th January  2017, we flew to Chiang Mai by plane. The three of us were picked up by our legal guardian while we’re in Thailand. We studied at Maejo University for approximately four months, and we attended the School of Administrative Studies which had the same subclass with our University. Maejo University is different from any other University. In MJU, we have to walk from our dormitory to the classroom since there are no accommodations, such as shuttle buse
s in the University areas.

         Thai students were not so much different from ours. The differences are that they tend to know their lecturer as a friend. In which very different with Indonesians students since most of the Indonesian students tend to see their lecturers differently. While we were studying in MJU, we have a chance to explore about Thailand cultures. The university provided us a trip to Chiang Rai with some lecturers and our friends. We visited the historical places like a White Temple and the famous Golden Triangle. Besides, we also visited Chiang Rai’s night market, Black House Museum and Singha Park. We spent two days and one night in Chiang Rai. We also celebrated Songkran Day. In Thailand, especially Chiang Mai which is the best place for celebrating the Songkran Festival.

         Being an exchange student changes our way of thinking and also give a huge impact in our life. By meeting new friends, facing a different culture, solving our problem, and deal with the loss of our family in the foreign country made us learn how to cope with it. We learn how to deal and how to respect other people with diverse background. (Reisya/Norma/Lubna)