Nur Ashikin (UUM Student) stories at IGOV UMY

January 2, 2019 by : superadmin-ig

On September 5, 2018, my friends and I had finally reached at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta for pursuing our exchange program for about one semester around 3 to 4 months in International Program of Government Affairs and Administration (IGOV). There is six people of us that are will be under this program. During our first week, honestly, we are feeling blessed because the staff and the director of IGOV are being friendly to us. It cannot be denied that they are trying hard to please us as we are considered as their guest by serving us nicely and for sure they are so friendly and jovial while handling us that somehow show their effort should be appreciated.

While on the other hands, we are knockdown with a feather after having our first class. The class environment is different compared to what we are going through along our study in Universiti Utara Malaysia. The student is so aggressive and of course are talkative at the same time. However, they manage to change our perspective after day by days as their aggressiveness can be accepted as good as they are implemented the action. Somehow, their way of learning was try to carry out the communication with the lecturer by asking the random questions and also put an attempts to answer the questions given in the class. Even though their English language is not fluent. This act reflects how the IGOV had given the encouragement to student to keep practicing by implementing the use of English Language in their daily communication, especially in the class.

Besides that, being under IGOV program is kind of blessed as the lecturers are such of helping hands. They are really taking care of all of us, but at the same time, they are not being biased with their own students. They are putting their concentration on us as for not making us neglected behind as sometimes we need to do some research regarding the districts in Yogyakarta that for sure we are not familiar with. So they will give a broad explanation and provide us with a handful of tools in order to understand the matters better. Along with the kind-hearted classmates, we are able to survive until our last tasks.

Last but not least, IGOV is awesome because every weekend they will brought us to visit an attractive place in Yogyakarta and provide us with such a memorable experience for instance having a scrumptious seafood dishes in Depok beach, a horse riding around Malioboro which is a bustling town in Yogyakarta, a historical visit to Keraton, and farming activity in Kebon Agung and also batik painting in Adhinata Batik House. All of those activities is fun and full of the joys of spring that able to heal our longing for our hometown. We are totally enjoyed those precious moments and giving a big thanks to IGOV for had treated us nicely.  (Nur Ashikin Abu Bakar/Adibah Dhivani)