Overcome Hoaxes, Dr Andrew Garner Gave a Lecture

May 1, 2018 by : superadmin-ig


Bantul (30/04/2018), International Program of Government Affairs and Administration and Postgraduate Program of Government Science held a public lecture in director meeting room, postgraduate building, UMY. The forum examined the lecture under the title “Understanding Public Opinion: Comparative Studies Between USA and Indonesia”.  This agenda aims to deepen the differences hoaxes between Indonesia as one of the countries where located in South East and the USA as a western country.

There were two experts trying to explore the social phenomena, hoaxes. He was Dr Andrew Garner who comes from the University of Wyoming, United State of America. Mr Garner gave an explanation about his research “Hoaxes, Conspiracies, and Public Opinion”. In addition, Dr Muria Endah Sokowati, one of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta lecturers presented her study “Consuming Hoax in the Age of Post Truth”.  

They agree that the development of hoaxes is an impact that arises from globalization and the development of increasingly advanced technology. To prevent the spread of hoax is not easy. It requires the participation of many parties who play a role in it. Moreover, the most important effort to deny hoaxes is to improve the reading habit among the society. (HSH)