Welcoming and discussion session between IGOV and Princeton University- United States of America

Princeton University collaborated with IGOV for student mobility program

Princeton University, United States of America has a unique way to mobilize student to learn something new. Monday (10/8/2018) 8 students from Princeton University came to IGOV to have the student mobility program. This Program led by Christine as a mentor and Ummi as a facilitator. Start at 09.15 am with the warm, welcoming speech by the director of IGOV, Dr. Phil, Ridho Al-Hamdi, MA., and Dr. Titin Purwaningsih as the Dean, continue with the small introduction session. After finished, the eight students had the campus tour accompanied by IGOV buddies. The route of the campus tour is passed at the Mosque, move to UMY foodcourt, and afterward to the Faculty of social and political sciences. At 11.00 am they went to the American Corner.

Princeton’s students went to American Corner UMY

In the American corner, they had some games related to the strategy, sport, and music. Alex and Oscar played “Wii games.” “ I use to play Wii games in my house before joining this scholarship program,” said Alex and approved as well by his playmates, Oscar. “this American corner so great, I can read books, browsing, playing games, and even sing a song,” said Naomi after sang with Ashley and Tomy.

For the lunch session, the student and buddies had their lunch in the study hall A. Afterward, the mentor of this program, Christine discussed in-depth about this student mobility program. Also, the students split up into group to have additional snacks, went to American corner, and campus tour. “the one that I really disappointed here is only by the usage of plastic for everything,” said Ishaa. “ in my house, my parent and I had tried best for reduce it,” Ishaa Added. They finish their visit at 14.00.

Hopefully, by this event, the IGOV students got the courage to learn more in everything, start from language, attitude,and behavior as well. (Adibah Dhivani)

Video can be watch here