Indonesia, Philippines, and East Timor are democratic country in South East Asia. The Indonesian democracy is seen from the election, hybrid regimes, and dealignment. For the Philippines, they still have some negative talk about freedom. Monday (29/10/18) held the public lecture concerning on Democracy in Indonesia and South East Asia delivered by the visiting professor, PD Dr. Andreas Ufen from GIGA (German Institute of Global and Area Studies) Germany. He has been coming in Indonesia since 1997 in Soeharto era.

This public lecture destined for IGOV students class of 2017 replaced the subject of electoral governance. “what are the main indicators for democracy?” Ask Andreas. “there are four indicators: regular elections (don’t have limitations), hybrid regimes (a mixture of authoritarianism and democracy), Dealignment between voters and parties in politics, and Impeachment that never succeeded.” Answeres Andreas. In this matter, the professor was throwing many questions regarding democracy in Indonesia for IGOV students and Malaysia from Malaysian exchange students. “is Malaysia already a democracy country?”, asked Andreas. “For us, as Malaysians, we can argue that Malaysia is a democratic country,” answered Syikin.

In term of a successful democracy or failed democracy, Andreas told that Indonesia is a prosperous country with a democracy. Meanwhile, Thailand had a democratic failure caused by tax issues in 2006. Thailand is also a state that practices authoritarianism by the king. The other country which is transitioning is Myanmar. Myanmar will begin this change in the next two years. (Adibah Dhvani/Alex Krauel)