Yogyakarta, 9 April 2018, as a continuous program of Bahasa Class with ‘Where There Be Dragons’ and Princeton University, International Program of Government Affairs and Administration (IGOV) Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta held Merapi Lava Tour which is located in Mt Merapi, Yogyakarta. The trip aims to explore the remaining from the latest Merapi eruption which happened in 2010 which caught everyone by surprise. The eruptions claimed the lives of 353 people and caused more than 400,000 people displaced.

One of the most famous victims was none other than Mbah Maridjan, who was the spiritual guardian or the gatekeeper of Mt Merapi. The Princeton University Students as well as Where There Be Dragons Staffs and Exchange Student from Universiti Utara Malaysia were visited Mbah Marijan’s house to recall all the memories before and after the eruption happened.

Mbah Marijan’s house

“It such an overwhelming to find out that Mbah Marijan was hard to evacuate even Sultan came over to his house, he refused as he believed his job was to protect the mountain and prevent it from spewing dangerous lava. Even though this is my second-time visit this place, Mbah Marijan’s house is still my favorite. I also glad IGOV had invited me to have a trip with Princeton University Students and Where There Be Dragons Staff.” said Ain Syafiqa an Exchange Student from Universiti Utara Malaysia.

In addition, the Students have started the trip in the earlier morning and had a chance to visit some tourist attractions such as Merapi Museum which shows the aftermath of the eruptions in 2010, Batu Alien which is literally Alien Rock. It becomes famous as the rock resembles a human face, Mbah Marijan’s house and end up in Kali Kuning; a river that flows from Mt Merapi. “This is my favorite after all! I feel rather adventurous when the jeep driver rode the car through the small section of the river then I and my friends get wet,” said Ariatni a Student of Princeton University, US.