Research FGD on Ecological Governance

October 9, 2017 by : superadmin-ig

Pekanbaru, Riau(8/10)-Took place in RR cafe, Panam, JKSG and IGOV UMY held a discussion about bureaucratic inertia in forest and land fires, palm oil management and the role of local elites.

In his explanation, Rijal Ramdani, one of the researcher from JKSG and the director of IGOV explained that the discussion is the exposure of research that has been done in 2016. “We are doing this research since the beginning of 2016 by focusing the research in Bengkalis district”, he said.

Attended in the discussion are OKPs in Riau Provinces, such as HIMA PERSIS, HMI Badko Riau-Kepri, GMNI, Gema, IMM, and environmental activists.

Majorly, Rijal explained that the issue of forest and land fires, and palm oil are sensitive. In one hand, palm oil contribution to national economy is significant, whether toward APBN, export, or even millions of people related to the sector itself. Otherwise, if it related to environmental issue, it will be problematics in case of deforestation and forest and land fires. “Consequently, there should be meeting point on how to synergize both of the rights to create sustainability; sustainable forest and prosperous society” he explained.

Besides Rijal, the discussion also featured Agustyara (IGOV alumni) as the member of JKSG researcher who concerns on the issue of forest and land fires prevention. According to Agustyara, in preventing forest and land fires there are almost 93 governmental institutions which based on regulations are responsible. Otherwise, the weak cooperation among the institutions caused forest and land fires keeps on going. “Regarding the Smarat PLS test result we have done, there is no agreement and planning, even though the intention of cooperation exists” he reported. Furthermore, it emerges sectoral issue with the budgeting which concentrated in certain institutions. (hh)