19/09/2015—coMindanaunducted on the fourth floor of postgraduate building, the vice rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Dr. Gunawan Budiarto MP, signed MOA document as a cooperation between UMY with Mindanau State University (MSU) the Philippines represented by the counselor of MSU Dr. Sukarno DPA. By this cooperation, nowadays UMY will be the only one of university in Indonesia where students of MSU could be delegated to study in the exchange program while for UMY itself, all of the international programs could sent the students to go to the MSU.

After the signing, Dr. Sukarno delivered a lecture exploring about conflict resolution in Mindanau. He mentioned that Mindanau in the previous time was a place where many Muslims of the Philippines (by around 74 percent) lived there located in the southern. However, nowadays, the population of Muslims decreases significantly while the population of other religions has been increased continuously. “Many Muslims there are in the poor condition, regarding to the data, it could be seen clearly that the majority of them are uneducated and I hope that Muhammadiyah organization could visit Mindanau to do something to improve the quality of Muslims’ live there” the counselor stressed.

The event also facilitated a mini conference in the tittle “Academic and Student Exchange Opportunity in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand” moderated by Rijal Ramdani from IGOV. In the conference, besides Dr. Sukarno, there were also two represents from Khoen Khaen University Thailand who are Mr. Mr. Porentari Pothinam as the director of ASEAN language center and Mr. Pabon Manoran as the academic management officer. Both of them invited international program’s students of UMY to study at Khoen Khaen, for students of Undergraduate they could take a course at KKU either for exchange program or for sit in program in a week duration. Many of students attending the public lecture were enthusiastic for joining the program.