Supakrit (Nas), Maejo University stories at IGOV UMY

January 21, 2019 by : superadmin-ig

I always thought that one day I would have the opportunity to go abroad, for a trip or study. But I’m not good at speaking English. There are many times that I think I can’t use to communicate with English like everyone else. However, now my dreams come true I have the opportunity to be an exchange student in Indonesia. I got many bits of help from the IGOV staff in finding a dormitory, acquiring activities, living in Indonesia. All staff are friendly and have a good image with me. But there are some problems that I have done with IGOV, which I feel very guilty and would like to apologize for the issues it makes me sad and worried about it.

Being the exchange student in UMY this time it gave me many good experiences. I have a chance to learn the way of life and culture of Muslims. That I had never seen before in my city, have a new attitude. I got a new concept in my life, so coming to my place is worth the money paid. The people here are very kind to me. Everyone is welcome. Every friend is always fun. It makes me happy to live here, and I am very sorry to leave farewell to my IGOV friends. Besides, people in different places everyone is amiable, kind and friendly. Many times I get free items from Indonesian people, especially food. I have a good experience from here. I love Indonesia.

Finally, I have to thank IGOV for giving me the opportunity and always helping me. If there is no IGOV, I probably won’t come here and get new experiences you are the benefactor. Thank you. (Supakrit Kantiya/Adibah Dhivani)