We are proudly to announce the lists of the students who are accepted to be the Volunteers of Dragon Program 2017-2018, as below;

  1. Rizky Ella Sundari (IPOLS 2014)
  2. Nerissa Azmes (IPOLS 2014)
  3. Fairuz Artha Abhi Praya (IGOV 2017)
  4. Said Firman Maulana (IGOV 2017)
  5. Astri Nur Aisyah (IGOV 2017)
  6. Ayu Agung H (IPIREL 2016)
  7. M.Yusuf Albiruni (IGOV 2016)

The further information will be announce through media social. Do not forget to follow IGOV UMY on Facebook and Instagram. As well as the official line account @jno3696m so you won’t miss any updates information.