Tuesday (28/2)–12 American students who are associated in a company “Where There Be Dragons” visited International Government Studies (IGOV) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) as one of their destination throughout their visitation in Indonesia. IGOV held a warmly welcome to them by providing a Nasi Kuning (Indonesian traditional food) for lunch and showing a company video profile of UMY. Besides, it also aims to introduce them with 12 IGOV’s students who had passed several steps and were chosen to accompany  them for exploring more about Jogja mainly agriculture, culture, and so on.

 The program will be run in a three-month in Indonesia and they will continue their trip to Flores, Wakatobi, and Southeast Sulawesi for a month of each area. Yogyakarta is the first city they visit. It is an honor for IGOV to become one of the partners of the program and become the representative of Yogyakarta by delivering some acknowledge about Yogyakarta to the international students. In other hands, IGOV aims that the interaction between the US Students and IGOVers can encourage IGOVers to make a friend with international students because linkage in the international level will be beneficial for them in the future.(LS)