Saturday (21/02), the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration (IGOV) one of the majors at Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta under the auspices of social and political science faculty is expected to be able to print the young generation with broad and intelligent insight. Going forward, they are expected to bring about better change in all aspects of life such as economics and education for the communities around.

At the Graduation Period III of Vocational, Bachelor and Postgraduate UMY Academic Year 2017/2018 at UMY Sportorium, thirteen IGOV students successfully completed higher education and earned a bachelor’s degree. They are six females students and seven males students ie Syarifah AN, S.IP, Elfira NS, S.IP, Bagus S, S.IP, Meilydia N H, S.IP, Hidayatullah H, S.IP, Wildhan K, S. IP, M Ras A, S.IP, Nadya KS, S.IP, Moch. Edward TP, S.IP, Agashy O, S.IP, Dyah EP, S.IP, Niken WB, S.IP, Helmi PF, S .IP.

“I hope that IGOV will not only be able to compete within campus internally but also outside the campus. In addition, one of the more important things is about how students who study here are able to answer the challenges of globalization. Thus, the values and knowledge learned during this time in IGOV can be applied as well as maximal in social life.” Said a representative student of IGOV named Moch Edward TP, S.IP. (HSH)