Ummu’s Journey to South Korea: Coming of Age Day

June 14, 2018 by : superadmin-ig

A national holiday of South Korea, Coming of Age Day will always be held on the 3rd Monday of May. Ummu Anitya, a representative student of International Program of Government Affairs and Administration who currently studies at Sun Moon University got a great experience on this ceremony. The event is given to girls and boys who are going to be 20 years old in the current year to celebrate their transition into adulthood. All participants of ceremony wear Hanbok (traditional Korean clothes). Boys have to wear a hat called a “gat” and get their hair in a topknot. While girls have to wear a hat known as a “jokduri” and a ornamental hairpin known as “binyeo”.

During her exchange program, Ummu takes part in a Korean Language Institute and has various activities for 1 semester from 3rd of March to 18th of May. In addition, she does not only learn Korean language but also traditional Korean culture and cuisine. The institution where she learns providing traditional korean outfits and cooking classes which held once in a semester. According to Ummu, the learning method of Sun Moon University is very efficient due to students are emphasized to be quickly master the Korean language in 1 month at least 1 level.