After organizing the International Seminar (11/08/18) and Lecture Seminar (morning, 08/13/18). In the afternoon (08/13/18) continued with the 2nd Lecture Seminar discussing “Advance Public in Digital Economy”. The Implementation of the Lecture This seminar is thanks to the collaboration between the International Program for Islamic Economic and Finance (IPIEF) of UMY and the Government of UMY Science.
Appearing as a speaker Diah S. Dewanti, PhD (Lecturer of the International Program for Islamic Economics and Finance, UMY) and Assoc. Prof. Somnuek Panyasing (KKU). Assoc. Prof. Somnuek through his research explained about “Collaborative Partnership and New Farm Management in the Northeast of Thailand”. This study attempts to explore the collaborative form of partnerships between farm families, local farmers’ leaders and responsible local bureaucracy. Successfully obtained collaborative findings and collective efforts to manage agriculture were able to overcome drought in northeastern Thailand.
Diah S. Dewanti, PhD who is a doctor in the field of development economics as well as a natural resource management expert, explained a lot about his research “enhancing disaster management by government and grassroots movement”. The ability of local communities to optimize existing resources in the development of ecotourism objects in the 1st-floor Postgraduate Director’s Meeting Room, Postgraduate Building, Muhammadiyah University Yogyakarta.
Diah S. Dewanti, PhD explained the strategies and efforts of Grassroots in Merapi area, Yogyakarta to overcome the eruption disaster, through several collaborations between the government and local communities. Furthermore, not only that, the ability of grassroots to initiate ecotourism which was developed through salak commodities.

“Not only offers how to grow salak but understand the treatment to processing salak, to be an innovative food product. Salak ecotourism which is run by farmers offers education for tourist as well as being able to expand income not only focus on crop yields, “said Diah S. Dewanti, PhD who is also an alumnus of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Khon Kaen University, Thailand