For those who graduated from the college, sometimes feel confused, where they have to go? What will they do next after the college live? In fact, the graduated should come into the new “frontier” of live. Which is mean, they will find another harder or hardest issue to fix in. Many of graduated that already find their way will be choose these two ways. Some of them decided to get the job or decided to continue their study. The one that decided to get the job were start to search some information from job fair. Some of them decided to have study abroad and the rest decided to study in Indonesia. Here, lets focused on those who want to continue their study.

                On Tuesday evening, Adibah, an IGOV graduate, went to phoenix hotel, in order to meet Carly Balmforth as the international office of University of Bradford. She gave her a lot of information about the university, the accommodations, student’s life, detail location, environment, and the one that important the courses. For Adibah, in majoring the government affairs and administration she need to focused on public policy, public administration, and politics. While, she cannot find any major of public administration and public policy in Bradford. So that become her big question that she had asked to Carly Balmforth.

There are several answer about the question:

  1. The UK education system were different from another, UK has the global thought that does not focus on one specific science;
  2. In Bradford, the student of post graduate program will choose a major that consist of 4 main subject, while the students still be able to choose another optional subject that related to the course;
  3. The “international” major will be concern on international issue, not the local issue, and the last is
  4. Because of the global thought of the major, the student should not only think about the specific subject or major, the specific major will be offer, after the main subject already passed well.

Then, for the IGOV student, we are able to offer and apply to international development (MA) that main focused on international development theory, policy, and management. That provides us with the critical analysis skill to enable to operate effectively in international development and management. (Adibah)