Bantul,  June 30th, 2018, Faculty of Social Sciences and Political Science, Universitas Muhammadiya Yogyakarta received student visit of Prince of Songkla University (PSU). The welcome ceremony of PSU was attended by Head of the Department of Governmental Sciences, Secretary of Governmental Science Department, Head of Government Lab, Director of IGOV and IRO. On this occasion, they look forward that this activity will be able to attract more foreign students to visit UMY.

The head of department of governmental science said, “this event should be developed in order to enhance the connection of collaborations in the future which be more widespread by improving the quality of students and staffs. it is implemented as our realization of the international standard.”

PSU students said that they were very excited about this program because they were fascinated to learn about Indonesia and its cultural diversity. Students of PSU admitted that Indonesia and UMY has a very good student exchange to follow because of its facilities and environment.

In IGOV party lunch, there were soto and chicken satay which they really liked. The taste in serving in soto and chicken satay was very delicious said Warid one of the PSU students who participated in this program. After lunch, they continued to tour the UMY campus accompanied by Tommy and buddies who had guided them since the beginning of their arrival. They were very attracted by the building-building campus and the environment which was very beautiful and nice.