Where There be Dragon Community comes to IGOV

October 8, 2018 by : superadmin-ig

Where There be Dragon Community gathered in front of Postgraduate building

Dragons is a global community representing 6 continents, over 30 countries, and countless languages, villages, NGOs, religions, host families, perspectives, and stories. We are united by a mission of nurturing empathy and understanding across borders through the authentic cultural exchange. (https://www.wheretherebedragons.com/students/about-us/why-dragons-student/). Friday, October 5th, 2018, they came to UMY to have an exchange culture and language. The dragon program use for the gap year (18 years old) students. There are 13 students in total that consist of 7 female students and 6 male students. The Pairing (one for one)programs needed for this activity. We Start from 15.00 to have a small discussion regarding Islam dan UMY and continue by having the city tour. List of Buddies city tour: Adibah-Mina (Kotagede), Nanda-Jenny, Febriana-Connor, Selvy-Morgan (Malioboro-Pendopo Lawas), Mia-Eddie (Alun2 Kidul), Yusuf-Raihan-Ellie, Garin-Tatum, Fairus-Kyle (Alun2 Kidul-Rumah Tengah Coffee), Wilda-Arriela (Masjid Gede Kauman).

igovbuddies and their pair went out to the city

“This program has benefits for that 2 side; for IGOV, the buddies can start to speak in English practically, and building the character of speech, for the Dragon, they will learn and know much information regarding Indonesian Culture,” said Adibah. “This program will ensure the student’s attitude to another because attitude is the most important thing in life,” Adibah added. The other beneficial for the dragon also they able to learn Bahasa Indonesia directly from the Indonesian. (Adibah Dhivani)

Video can be watch here