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10 IGOV Students were Welcomed for the 2022 Exchange Program at Maejo University

Yogyakarta-Wednesday(2/1). 10 International Students of  Government Affairs and Administration department (IGOV) underwent a virtual exchange program to Maejo University Thailand.
Unlike usual, 10 IGOV students were welcomed warmly during the new year for their participation in the exchange program to Maejo University Thailand.  Even though the event was done online, the enthusiasm of the students who took part in this virtual exchange program was high.
The 10 students who participated are Dian Aurelia Pramudita Insani, Hefi Al Hifdhi, Satrya Dhillan Bagaskara, Baiq Nina Anesti, Annisa Jasmine H.C, Muhammad Alfian Mukhrizal, Kahla Nazsha Alhayyu, Muhammad Sadiq Ashubki, Muhammad Abdilla Akbar Alauddin.
Participating in an exchange program is a requirement that must be fulfilled by IGOV students if they want to complete their studies at IGOV UMY. Students can start registering for the exchange programs from their second semester to depart in the next semester.
Maejo University’s exchange program will be held for one semester and the program will be carried out fully online. With this program, it is hoped that students will broaden their network, open their minds, and improve their skills in the English language. During the program, students should interact daily with native Thai students.

Satrya Dhillan Bagaskara, one of the participants, said that he was happy with this program. “I chose Maejo University for my exchange program because the courses given to the students were in line with what we were studying at IGOV UMY, such as Thai politics, history, culture, human resources management, and public administration as well.” commented him. (FLT)
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