3 IGOV Student Received the Cumlaude Predicate

Yogyakarta (9/6) – Graduation is a ceremony that serves as an acknowledgment or inauguration for someone who has completed their studies. Graduation is a sign of completion in academic circles for students who have completed their studies at a university. Typically, the graduation procession begins with the entrance of the university senate, which includes the chancellor and the assistant rectors, along with their deans, to inaugurate the prospective graduates. Each university has a different objective when it comes to graduation. Some are completed every year, while others are completed every semester, depending on the academic calendar. Prospective graduates in Indonesia generally wear a specified dress, such as men’s clothing with a white hem and black pants with black shoes, women’s clothing with a traditional kebaya with batik material, and the outside wearing a toga.
On Wednesday (8/6) the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration of the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) just announced the good news, namely, 4 of the IGOV UMY students who just graduated from the UMY Sportorium namely, Dicky Ademaputra, Nahdatul Wahdania Chikaputri Sukardi, Octavia Diah Lestari and Nurul Kurnia Sukmawati. Of the 4 students who passed, 3 students received the Cumlaude predicate, namely Octavia, Nahda, and Nurul.
He hopes that the students who graduate will be able to apply the knowledge that has been gained so that they will later help prosper this country, and will always be facilitated in moving to the next stage. Congratulations! (ARP)

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