3 Things Fadhila Never Regret

Yogyakarta (1/10) – Regret always comes later. It seems that many have experienced this in their lives. For several reasons, sometimes people make mistakes by mistake. Another reason is that they knowingly make mistakes. However, there is also a choice that a person will never regret because that is the path he has chosen. Like the story from IGOV UMY student, Fadhila Septiyaning Batch 2020, where he has 3 things he will never regret. Here are 3 things he never regrets:

taking one year gap after graduating from high school
While spending Gap Year, Fadhila spend time traveling to meet new people, learn about new cultures, and get to know more about the beauty of Indonesia

joining all volunteering programs and organizations
Instead of just going to college and then going home, she also takes part in off-campus activities which increase new relationships and experiences

Finally, join IGOV! Many programs and facilities have helped her to grow, meet new people, and gain new knowledge that others may not get. (ARP)

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