3 Things You Should Consider Before Student Exchange to Taiwan

Yogyakarta (11/6) – Taiwan, formally the Republic of China (ROC), is an East Asian republic located in the northwestern Pacific Ocean at the confluence of the East and South China Seas, with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to the northwest, Japan to the northeast, and the Philippines to the south. The ROC’s holdings include 168 islands covering a total size of 36,193 square kilometers (13,974 sq mi). Taiwan’s main island, formerly known as Formosa, covers 35.808 square kilometers (13,826 square miles), with mountain ranges dominating the eastern two-thirds and plains dominating the western third, where the island’s densely populated populace is centered. Taipei, along with New Taipei City and Keelung, forms Taiwan’s largest metropolitan region.
Even though they are on one continent, Taiwan and Indonesia have differences that students need to pay attention to, especially those who want to do a student exchange to Taiwan, by knowing the differences that exist we can prevent things that we don’t want to happen. These are some things you need to pay attention to before Student Exchange to Taiwan:
1. Pay attention to your dress
Taiwan is one of the countries in Asia that has a subtropical climate like European countries. Before leaving, you should consider the clothes that need to be brought.
2. Language Differences
Unlike those of you who want to do a student exchange to Malaysia, in Taiwan they use Mandarin which is of course very different from Indonesia which uses Melayu. So, be prepared carefully!
3. Shaking hands is not their culture
Taiwanese don’t want to shake hands. they’re not used to shaking hands, so don’t be surprised if you’re being ignored when you want to shake hands.
Differences like this will be an experience that becomes more interesting when students exchange. (ARP)

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