3rd IGoPSS: Faith-Based Organization and Humanitarian Assistance: Muhammadiyah’s Experience

Yogyakarta (20/7) – 3rd International Government and Politics Summer School organized by the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) held a class to teach participants about Muhammadiyah and Disaster Management: The Case of Muhammadiyah hosted by Rahmawati Husein, MCP, Ph.D. This event will be held in Hybrid on Saturday, 16 July 2022.

In this course, Mrs. Ama explains Faith-Based Organization and Humanitarian Assistance: Muhammadiyah’s Experience, which explains what the experience of the Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center (MDMC) in dealing with disasters starts from pre-disaster to post-disaster. In addition, he explained how the stages of disaster management carried out by MDMC from pre-disaster to post-disaster.

With the presence of MDMC as a local institution, MDMC has a good closeness to the community, therefore, MDMC can carry out pre-disaster activities (responding) better than the government. In addition, the community has trusted and valued local institutions because they were always there during pre-disaster, during the disaster, and post-disaster, especially Indonesia is a disaster-prone country as explained by Mrs. Ama about the condition of Indonesia where there are many kinds of disasters. “Indonesia is like a supermarket of disasters because almost all disasters have happened before”. (ARP)

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